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2015 hot sell Laser massage comb hair growth comb multi function therapy to regrow hair

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Zhihui
Model Number:BCD-421


Laser massage comb hair growth comb multi function therapy to regrow hair






Laser Hair Restoration Brush kit is a perfect hand-held brush for hair restoration.It utilizes infrared low-level cool laser light to activate the growth of healthy,vibrant hair,and an inventive hair restoration lotion infuse brush gives the user better options for combined therapy of laser and hair grow lotion.

Laser Comb (Comb A)
1. Press ON/OFF key. Laser light and infrared are activated. Take the centre of affected area from the base point, and put the comb onto the chosen area with the laser generator to the base point for 5~10 seconds. The output strength of laser light and infrared is fixed, cannot be adjusted.

2. Press + button, impulse probe begins to work, impulse probe strength can be adjusted with + or button upon different personal withstanding capacity.

3. After treating the base point, move the comb backward with the laser generator 1cm away from the base point, and then leave over area for 5~10 seconds.

4. Repeat until all desired areas have been stimulated.

5. It is important to move the laser comb very slowly. Remember, you are bathing the hair with laser light, if you move it too fast, it might not be very effective.

Lotion-infusing Comb (Comb B)
1. Before using, open the entrance of the hair-growth solution reservoir and add approximately 10ml hair-growth solution.

2. Press ON/OFF key. The needles begin to vibrate, and the solution flows out. Then tease the whole scalp forward and backward for 10 minutes respectively.

3. Optimal results are achieved if used in a relaxed state.

4. The usage time and interval shall be determined upon specific hair grow lotion requests.
Miracle Laser Comb User Benefits

An increase in the thickness of hair shafts.
Faster growing hair.
Darkening of the hair to their natural color (less gray).
An increase in tensile strength (less breakage).
Improved manageability and shine.
Improved condition.
Less dandruff, irritation and scalp itch.


Reasons Why You Will Love Miracle Laser Comb
1) Grows more hair!
2) Easy to use.
3) Complies with International laser product safety standards.
4) Convenient home treatment. No more traveling to hair care clinics.
5) Thicker, fuller, healthier hair.
6) Improves hair condition. Increases hair shine, bounce and manageability. Eliminates dandruff and scalp itch.
7) Use worldwide. Designed to be equipped with interchangeable power transformers.
8) Attractive ergonomic design with high-tech feel. Designed to fit the hand like a brush.


Possible sales channel:
1) Hair grow center, clinic
2) Hair beauty barbershop
3) Hair grow solution distributor

4) Internet network sales
5) Supermarket, hair beauty shop, etc.

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