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Digital display with blue backlight alcohol tester

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Bocend
Model Number:BCD-105
Customer Logo:: Offered
Respond time::Within 5 seconds
Power input::3V
Battery::3 x "AAA" alkaline battery
Warranty::12 months
Warm-up time::Within 10 seconds

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Model Number: BCD-105


Something you need to know firstly


Many people driving home after a night on the town dread the image of a police officer in the rear-view mirror, carrying a small device in his hand. This little device is an alcohol breath analyzer, and has probably saved countless lives since its invention.


Before we get to how breath analyzers work, look at this fact. Of all the road accident deaths in the United States, around 38 percent are because of alcohol. Roadside tests like reciting the alphabet backward, or walking a straight line, are often inconclusive, and a blood test is rarely feasible on the roadside. Here is where a breath analyzer helps; it can easily and quickly measure BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) levels, and if needed, the offending driver can be taken off the road. In most states, the permissible BAC level is 0.08.

Breath analyzers work on this principle: When alcohol enters the body, it does not change the chemical composition, but adds to it. What happens is that alcohol is absorbed by the stomach and intestines, and then gets into the bloodstream. It travels around the body with the blood, and eventually enters the lungs. There, alcohol mixes with exhaled air. When exhaled, the ratio of this air to the level in the blood has been shown to be about 2100:1; so, it is easy to calculate how much alcohol you have in your blood by measuring how much is in your breath.


How to use the alcohol tester


Warm up

1. Press the power button once, the alcohol tester LCD will turn on with one beep sound.

2. The ”warm up” symbol is displayed, and the 10 to 0 countdown is started that indicate the tester is in warm-up mode.


* If first warm-up is defeated, the tester will be reset automatically and warm up again.

* It always has a large number of gas & impurity adsorbed on the surface of alcohol sensor, when first time taking out the tester from the packaging, or after long time no using for the tester, it need more time for cleaning and warm up the sensor, you should repress the power button and retry several times if possible.


1. The ”Blow” symbol is displayed when warm-up is succeed, and the 10 to 0 countdown is started that indicate the tester is in testing mode.

2. Near and blow into the breath inhaler for 3-5 seconds.

3. Read the test result from the alcohol tester LCD

4. The ”Caution” symbol is displayed if the alcohol concentration is the level:

0.02% BAC(0.2g/l) to 0.05% BAC(0.5g/l).

0.05% BAC(0.5g/l) to 0.08% BAC(0.8g/l).

5. The”Danger” symbol is displayed with beep audible alert if the alcohol concentration is the level:

Over & equal 0.05% BAC (0.5g/l).

Over & equal 0.08% BAC (0.8g/l).

Auto power off

1. After the result be display for about 15 seconds, the ”OFF” symbol will appear for 2-3 seconds and the alcohol tester be turned off.

2. If warm-up is defeated, the tester will automatically turn off.

3. If no blow into the breath inhaler at the test mode, the LCD will display”0.00” value.






1. Digital display with blue backlight.
2. Range: 0.00-0.19% BAC
3. Use Mouthpiece.
4. Use 3×AAA alkaline batteries or outer DC power: 12VDC  



— When after drinking, it is recommended to last after 20 minutes, it is because 20 minutes is approximately for alcohol to be absorbed into blood from the digestive organs, and residual alcohol remaining in the mouth takes this long to dissipate.

— For accurate result, do not repeat next testing within 3 minutes after last time.

— Do not smoke and heat for 20 minutes prior testing.

— Do not use chemicals to clean the tester directly.

— Do not blowing liquid into the breath pipe.

— Do not use any excitant substances near the tester, such as pains, insecticides, and alcohols.

— Do not place the tester in the closed environment with contaminated air.

— The result of this alcohol gives BAC for reference only; manufacturer does not to take any legal responsibility.




12 months





Delivery Detail:

Within 5 days after payment




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Alcohol Tester

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