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hot selling multifunction Massage cushion/electric vibrating massager

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Zhihui
Model Number:BCD-485
Type:Massage Cushion
Application:Body, body
Design:First DC 12V design
Program:3 kinds of walking pattern:
Warranty:12 months


1. First DC 12V design, slim shape

2..5. Kinds of walking pattern

3.15 minutes auto shut off

4.Can with sofa and chair to u

Hot selling multifunction Massage cushion, electric vibrating massager










  • Novelty design, fit for different users
  • Micro computer controller, easy to operate
  • 15 minutes auto shut off
  • Auto and manual function of different body areas
  • (Upper back, lower back, whole back)
  • Neck massage and heating
  • Thigh and seat cushion vibration
  • Far infrared heating function to promote blood circulation
  • Available in the car, office and home
  • Power by both adaptor and car plug

Controller Switch Description:

  • Power: turn on or off power
  • Area: to select massaging area of back
  • Auto: to use auto mode or not
  • Back heating: turn on/off back heating
  • Vibrating Switching: turn on/off vibrating
  • Neck Rolling: turn on/off neck rolling
  • Neck heating: turn on/off neck heating


Instruction of using:

  1. Put the cushion on the suitable place.(Normally on the car chair, office chair, sofa etc)
  2. Firstly, plug OUTPUT jack of adaptor into the power cord jack of cushion, then plug INPUT jack of adaptor into the AC100~240V power socket, and now the power is connected. Cushion us on standby.(If the power light is flashing, it means the program is resetting now)
  3. Press “POWER” button to start using massage cushion:

Automatic mode begins to work

Press “AREA” button can choose “Upper back working Mode”,” Lower Back Working Mode” and “Whole Back Working Mode”.

  1. Press “HEAT” button to turn on/off infrared heating function.
  2. Press “VIBRATION” button to turn on/off vibrating function.
  3. Press “NECK MASSAGING” button to turn on/off neck kneading function.
  4. Default automatic shutdown timing is 15 minutes.
  5. Please press “POWER” button, when you finish the massage, then disconnect the adaptor. Please do not pull the power cord of adaptor.
  6. Drink 500cc warm water before or after massage, can help to release toxin, promote metabolism.





12 months





Delivery Detail:

Within 5 days after payment













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Massage cushion, Massager

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