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Personal face massager for anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging

Type:Multi-Function Beauty Equipment, Derma Rolling System, Anti-wrinkle Machine, Facial Massager
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Bocend
Model Number:bcd-956
Color:Many kinds of colors
Display:LED indicator
Vibration frequency:8500RPM
Power:DC3V CR-2032
OEM/ODM Order:Accept
Warranty:6 months


Ionic beauty facial massager

1.Skin care

2. easy to take

3.remove eye wrinkle

4.vibrating massage and iontophoresis

Personal face massager for anti-wrinkle and Anti-aging

Model No : BCD-956 




1, Especial design and easy operation.


2, comfortable feeling.


3, low frequency and suiting everyone .


4, Safe and reliabie quality.





1,Significantly improve the crow’s feet ,improve the bags under the eyes and the lower eyeslid edema ,Dilute the black eye,slow down wrinkles.


2,Clean (bactericidal,antibacterial)


3,Pulsating current generated ion function.


Acupuncture moxibustion function of micro


 Vibration iontophoresis instrument adopts high-tech microelectronic guiding technology, can input nutritional components to stratum basale, increases energy of cell, quickens cell,movement and metabolism, lets skin refreshed, white and tender. If it is coordinated with corresponding products, its effect will be better.


Ionic beauty facial massager 


 How to use


1. Push the power switch to “+”position, LED light turns, the product vibrares, export cleaning opsiteon ion;


2. Push the power switch to “-”position , LED light turns, the product vibrates, negative ion lingt into nutrition;


3. Posh the power switch to middle “0”position, the power off .











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