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Top sale eyes massage products BCD-515 For prevent myopia

Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Bocend
Model Number:BCD-70, BCD-70
Type:eye massager
Color::Black/white .
Type::eye care massage
Payment Terms::T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,paypal
Warranty:::12 months

Top sale eyes massage products  For prevent myopia

Professional Manufacturer Of Relax Electronic Steam Eye Massager 

 Model Number: BCD-515


Something you need to know firstly


Who doesn’t like a soothing massage? However, we tend to neglect our eyes when they need it the most after constant exposure to brightly lit screens and what not. The Eye massager is literally a welcome sight. It uses vibrating foam pads around your eyes to gently massage and relax them. In addition, it has acupressure to help with sore eyes, migraines and even sinus problems. It also will refresh you and help revive you from the draining effects of myopia, far-sightedness, headache etc.

Based on acupuncture in Chinese medicine, this product generates the micro-currents of multiple frequencies, which stimulates important acupuncture points in the eye and brain, stimulates the the capillary vessels and activates the cells in the eye and brain, accelerates the microcirculation of the blood, increases the oxygen supply to the eye and brain, rapidly relaxes and relieves the pressure in the eye and improves your ability to relax and sleep. 


Prevent and cure computer eyes syndrome, restrain neurasthenic and insomnia remove eye fatigue

Biological magnetism science research and clinical studies have proven that magnetic field can have great effect on human body’s tissues, organs, nervous, system, biological enzyme and biological magnetic field, in the form of physical energy while applied on specialized acupuncture points. Can activate the tissue of cells, enlarge the blood capillaries and raise the level of oxygensupply.as well as improve the nutrition state of the cells, balance the self-disciplines nerves. It results in many kinds of medical and healthcare effects. Applying the above theory and combining the curing theory of channel acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine this product uses both the magnetic and medical acupuncture to activate the important acupuncture points around the eyes and harmonize the blood. Thus to improve the adjusting function of the eyes muscles, eyes nerves and reach the purpose of curing near sightedness and wrinkles and many kinds of eye concerning diseases.


Who Can Use This Eye Massager?

  • Students, people who suffer from myopia, and astigmatism.
  • People who work with their eyes a lot, including computer operators, Accountants, designers and engineers.
  • People that would like to reduce Pouch eyes, dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Caused by tiredness, and uneven blood circulation.
  • Aged people who suffer from insomnia, headache and sore eyes.
  • Dispel visual fatigue caused by long distance driving.



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1. Promote blood circulation to relieve eye fatigue and tension;

2. Prevent myopia or delay the progression of shortsightedness;

3. Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;

4. Prevent and relieve eye bags, dark circles and small wrinkles;

5. Help the aged to delay the process of presbyopiato relieve eye fatigue and tension;

6 Prevent myopia or delay the progression of shortsightedness;

7 Keep insomnia sufferer easy to have light sleep;

8 Prevent and relieve eye bags, dark circles and small wrinkles;

9.Help the aged to delay the process of presbyopia


Prevent myopia, beautify eyes


Use it three times every day, 3-5 minutes every time. It enhances blood and microcirculation around the eyes, increase tissue oxygen uptake, thus invigorating and revitalizing the optic nerve cells, activating key body enzymes to restoring culinary capability, giving you clear and sharp vision.


Instruction for use

  1. Put the batteries inside, press on switch, press on switch, the product will work normally and repeatedly from function 1 to function 9. Strong massager one moderate massager soft massager knead soft knead moderate knead strong beat soft beat moderate beat.
  2. If press on /off switch again, it will stop working ‘
  3. Press function code each time, it will work according to your each choice from 1-9, they are strong massager – moderate massager soft massager knead- soft knead – moderate knead- strong beat- soft beat – moderate beat.
  4. Press timer.3 minutes or 5 minutes as option to set you are using time.

Please stop using this product if you :


1.Eye be injured or inflammation of eyes.

2. Head to be wounded.

3. Burned eyes or after eyes operation.


After using

  1. Unfasten the bond.
  2. Wipe the Ned. Magnetic and soft massager feeler, keep it clean.
  3. Keep it away from high temperature, moist place.
  4. Keep it away from children’s touch.
  5. Please take out the batteries if long time no use.


  1. Warrantly:

    12 months





    Delivery Detail:

    Within 5 days after payment




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